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Practical Project Management



"Why do our projects fail?" is a question we hear more often than we would like.   Even after many years of project experience many organizations still have serious difficulty in this area.   Truth is, there is no single answer to this question.  

But... there is help.  

Guideline will provide you with solid, practical project planning and execution.   You will know where you are, know where you are going and know when you will get there.  

We will work with you to:   

  1. define and document your Scope and Objectives

  2. develop the plan and the Work Breakdown Structure necessary to  achieve your project objectives.

  3. clearly define the Resources you need to be successful.

  4. identify risks and recommend the practical means to mitigate them through a Risk Management Plan.  

  5. identify show-stopping issues and work with you to resolve them.

  6. define your Communication plan

  7. define your Quality plan

  8. define the Project Governance plan

  9. define the Financial plan

  10. define your project close out plan


You don't believe that you need this much planning?  Let's talk about what is practical for your situation.  

Let's move from theory to practice.  That is what Practical Project Management is all about!

We can manage the project for you or...

If you prefer, we will coach, mentor and guide your people.

If you have a project that is in trouble, we can get it back on the rails for you.

If you need help establishing an improved Project Management capability, Guideline is here to help.  

From Charter development through planning and execution, Guideline is your project partner.




Guideline... Your partner in Practical Project Management.


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