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Delivering Value through Experience



The more things change... the more they stay the same.   Believe it or not, many of the problems and challenges we see today are similar to those of over 40 years ago.  How do we know?  We were there.


Sure, the dynamics have changed... people are much more expensive and hardware is much less so.  But the challenges are still "How do I deliver my projects on time?" and "How do I get the best return on my technology investments?"  


At Guideline we provide experienced IT practitioners with years of experience in both the "Trenches" and in the "Command and Control  Centers" to assist organizations in meeting strategic business objectives. 


Our highly skilled and experienced senior consultants are carefully screened to ensure that they "have the goods" before they engage with any of Guideline's clients. Those that make the grade provide extraordinary, high leveraged value in:

Project Management

Program Management

Portfolio Management

IT Governance

IT Service Management

Website Development





At Guideline, we believe that an aging workforce presents opportunity.


As more experienced experts retire from their current employers, more become available to apply their experience and skills to address the challenges presented by our clients.


Guideline - Delivering value through experience


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